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Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society

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Bruce is CEO and Moderator of FASlink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society ( He has founded and operated his own businesses since 1972, new technologies, manufacturing, imaging, and software), set precedents in family law and courtroom procedure, developed software for business, medical, investigative, and law offices, and led the Great FASD Horseback Ride and Trek across Canada.

For his pioneering work in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders he has received awards and been recognized by St. Michael's Hospital (Toronto), First Nations (Eagle Feathers) and with the Métis Honour Sash. He is a social activist, involved in both community and national issues.

As an artist, Bruce's body of work encompasses photography; computer imaging; oil and acrylic painting; mixed media; video; sublimation imaging on metals, ceramics, fabric and other materials; sculpture in soapstone, serpentine, metal and wood; jewellery design. He has pioneered new imaging technologies and continues to be an innovator.

He is a musician (classical guitar, keyboard, and djembe), composing, performing and producing his own works.

A life-long naturalist, Bruce has traveled throughout North America and to many other countries. His photographs have been published since 1959 when he was a student member of an archaeological expedition to the Yukon Territory. His photographic and mixed media works are in collections in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

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